Stratton Home Decor S09558 Circles Centerpiece Art Wall Sculpture

Sale price$98.50


This gorgeous wall decor piece features carefully crafted circular pieces - some color-blocked, some just outlines in shades of bronze, silver, and gold. This geometric design adds some curves to balance out an otherwise edgy or modern home interior.
This is why wall centerpieces come in various designs, materials, and looks. And wherever they're placed, whether they're mounted in your living room or hallway, they do a great job of elevating your interior styling.
Carefully choosing a centerpiece will spell the difference between a dull space and one that's inviting. If you're on the hunt for something sleek, classic, and stylish, then look no further.

*Impress your guests with this gorgeous geometric centerpiece on display; Made up of color-blocked and empty impossible to ignore; .
*This handcrafted wall centerpiece boasts an all-metal construction; The large circles come in a matte bronze; silver; and gold color combination with a textured; distressed finish
*As elaborate as this traditional decor piece may seem; it's easy to mount on the wall thanks to its two secure keyhole attachments; Installation won't take much effort

*Textured and classic colors
* Elegant design, sturdy construction
*Ready to hang via two keyholes
Measuring 47.00 W x 1.00 D x 22.75 H inches, this traditional piece is crafted purely from metal.

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