HART3-CAP-C 3 PC small Kitchen Table and Chairs set-Table Round Table and 2 Dining Chairs

Sale price$388.20


Our Hartland typical circular kitchen tables and chairs set was fabricated being environmentally, that makes it wonderful addition for nearly any home kitchen.Our circular table measures a large 42-inches in diameter and sits on a sturdy pedestal bottom that fits close spaces , giving you a functional focal point for a kitchen.Each of our practical slat-backed accommodating dining room chairs can certainly be matched up with many different varieties of household home decoration.Both of the dining table and dining chairs feature a clean Cappuccino finish and in addition the rounded dining table that incorporates a subtle yet exceptional beveled edge. Each of our table-tops provide a no-fuss option for familys who don't need to have dining tables extensions, while always keeping a stylish feel to the dining room.

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