Lolita Hand Painted Shooter Glass, One In a Million

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To put it simply, at Santa Barbara Design Studio, we make what we love and we love what we make. The one and only...Lolita. She took the world by storm in 2004 to become the hottest gift brand in the U.S. Now, after many successful products, designs and collections, she continues to stand behind what she has always believed...that life should be lived to its fullest and every moment should be celebrated. What is your moment? Commemorate it with a wine, margarita or martini glass, a shooter, rocks glass or pilsner. For whichever of life's big moments, there is a Lolita style to fit it. Each shooter glass is hand painted both inside and out. One side of the shot glass features a unique shots recipe. Collect them all. 2-ounce capacity glass comes packaged in a signature Lolita gift box. We recommend gentle hand washing.

  • Lolita hand painted One In A Million shot glass
  • 2-ounce shooter glass
  • Every shooter has a unique licensed drink recipe on the bottom
  • Every party shooter is conveniently shipped in a coordinating gift box
  • When shopping for partyware, a girls night out, or just the perfect gift,

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