ANLG5-BCH-W 5 Pc Dining room set with a Table and 4 Dining Chairs in Black and Cherry

Sale price$571.00


Antique table and chairs set brings elegance to any dining area or morning meal corner. Finished in a very cozy Black & Cherry color to harmonize with any interior design. This 36 inch round tabletop with beveled sides is glorious enough to demonstrate fine china and sturdy enough for a household barbecue. Supported by an elegant 30 inch pedestal that will feature stylishly etched legs. Wonderful, high backed kitchen dining chairs offer flowing contours all the way through and classy detail. Complementing wood kitchen dining chairs along with lovely back designs for your own relaxation while you are having the evening meal on this dining table set. This excellent 5 PC small table and 4 wood dining chairs.

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